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Working Remotely… The Pros and Cons

The remote worker used to be a rare and intriguing individual. However, these days working remotely is quite normal, and the number of people working remotely increases with every year that passes. In so many ways, working from home is extremely rewarding, but it does have its pitfalls.


So, if you are considering working remotely, or even if you are currently a remote worker considering returning to the workplace; have a gander at these pros and cons and a think about what is right for you.


The Pros

It is Flexible. This is the prime reason that the majority of people take up remote employment. Your time becomes much more flexible, which is especially valuable if you have children or other dependants in need of your attention. Remote working means you can work any time and anywhere.

It is Comfortable. Of course, working from home comes with its comforts. You can work from your sofa, in your own clothes, whilst listening to your favourite music and drinking the fancy coffee you keep in your kitchen. You can set up your work environment any way you wish.

No Travel. No travel to work means many things; it is less expensive, you don’t have to squeeze yourself on to a packed train every day, and you can stay in bed a little longer. What’s not to like about that?


The Cons

Lack of Structure. Although being able to design your own work schedule can be amazing, it is often harder than you think to create structure in your workday. Home comforts and the lack of definition between ‘work time’ and ‘leisure time’ can make structure tricky.

Less Productive. This lack of imposed structure can also lead to your time being used much less efficiently than it would be if you were working within the constructs of a workplace. We like to think that our willpower is strong as an ox… but often the distraction of our favourite box set has proven otherwise!

Lonely. Working without the comradery and support of colleagues can become quite isolating. Although colleagues can get on our nerves from time to time, humans crave social contact, and WhatsApp, despite it’s many plus points, doesn’t quite make the grade.

Of course, the workplace itself has pros and cons of its own. The most important thing is that you fully consider what option works best for your personal situation.

Source consultants can provide support and information for remote working and assist you with any questions and concerns you may have, have a look at our current live vacancies here. 

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