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A global community of purpose, bringing together experts, and leading professionals to discuss the challenges and changes they face across their organizations.

Through our meetups, events, and media series we’re pulling back the curtain to technology & talent attraction and building a powerful community of people on the same journey, looking to achieve similar objectives.

Source Talks covers 4 main topics, Technology, People, Driving Force & Future Thinking.

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Source Talks Community

Latest Events

Source Talks : On Kotlin #3

Hello Kotlin Fans! Join the Source Talks team for our 1st Kotlin Virtual Meetup of 2022 and #3 from the Source Talks Kotlin team. Anthony is the founder of 7RTC…

Source Talks : Databricks for Dummies

Have you heard of Databricks? Databricks is an organisation and industry-leading commercial cloud-based data engineering platform for processing and transforming big data. Simply put, it is the implementation of Apache…

Source Talks: Bridging the Skills Gap in Cyber Security

Source Talks Community, present: Bridging the Skills Gap in Cyber Security. Cyber security has grown immensely as a discipline and transformed rapidly over the past few years. On one hand,…

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