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The Importance of Implementing Cyber Security In Your Business

It couldn’t be more important to implement cyber security measures, regardless of what type of business you’re running. These days cyberattacks occur on a regular basis all over the world, and the damage they can cause is extensive.

Statistics show that bigger businesses are more likely to become the victim of cybercrime, however, that doesn’t mean that small or mid-sized companies are immune. Any business that has an online presence is at risk, and when you take into account the legal, physical and financial implications of a cyberattack, it’s easy to see how it can be devastating to an organisation.

Over the past few years, technology has started to play an integral role in all kinds of workplace and this has increased the risks of cybercrime still further. With around 130,000 businesses suffering from cyberattacks every year and the numbers increasing, it’s vital to know what measures to take.

Investing in Technology

All business with online presences must invest in the latest cybersecurity measures like encrypted connections, firewalls, ransomware protection and data leak protection as well as robust spam filters to prevent any phishing emails from being received by employees, spoof emails being sent and to ensure all outgoing and incoming emails are fully scanned. Anti-virus software also needs to be in place and updated regularly so all endpoints are secured.

Backing Up Data

Data needs to be back up regularly so that everything won’t be lost should the system fail or a hacker take the system hostage. Sensitive and company confidential files need to be backed up in an unconnected and remote storage facility as this will reduce any need to pay ransoms.

Investment, Preparation and Awareness

The IT department of any company cannot necessarily mitigate every single security risk. The whole team, therefore, needs to receive training to increase awareness of threats including spear-phishing and phishing so that the chances of falling victim to an attack is reduced. It’s also extremely important to hire the most skilled IT security professionals to work for your organisation so that they can put robust and strong measures in place to protect the business and its data from cybercrime.

Using Strong Passwords

A major cybersecurity threat affecting businesses around the world is having weak passwords. Enforcing a rule of strong passwords is one of the simplest ways of implementing impressive security measures in any business.

A Plan for Responding to Incidents

Having a plan of how to respond in the event of an incident is vital to reducing the potential costs of a data breach. The plan must involve identifying the last clean backup then restoring it, having communication protocols in place with the law enforcement authorities, having isolation procedures for infected PCs and also for devices which haven’t been infected.

If a business is aware of the possible implications of cybercrime and is well-prepared and equipped, it’s possible to deal efficiently with any threats from cybercriminals.

Whether you’re running a large, mid-sized or local company, it’s impossible to be over-prepared for cybersecurity breaches.

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