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Source Talks: Self Service BI: Dreams vs Reality

Self Service BI is a vague expression. It can be anything from users roaming your data freely, to users that can produce their own reports on top of a defined dataset. For many years it has been the holy grail in BI, and many tools and technologies have been released to empower the end-users.

Self Service BI led to a lot of new questions in BI: how independent do you want your end-users to be?

Do you trust them to come up with reports that reflect reality? How far do you want to take Self-Service BI? Filtering and grouping on a data set is something else than doing a full exploratory analysis of your production data. Yet both are possible and both are called self-service BI.

The Importance of Cloud Technology in an ever evolving world?

This session will cover the possibilities of the current tools.

And we will cover lessons learned from real-life projects. Some of those projects were huge successes, others were epic failures!

Thursday 20th May 2pm CEST, Webinar & Interactive Discussion.

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