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We will continue to deliver our SGI services to the high standards you would expect of us. We have adapted our way of working and have robust and flexible plans in place so we can continue to support you during this uncertain and difficult time.

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An area of huge growth, artificial intelligence is no longer an emerging tech, emphasising the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. We hire extensively in AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data.

AI Jobs


The blockchain is a database of decentralised information. Blockchain is the breakthrough technology and critical element that enabled the birth of cryptocurrency, yet blockchain developers remain in scarce supply. We’ve nurtured an extensive network in this space.

Blockchain Jobs

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity, the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data from cyberattacks. We place cyber security experts in all key regions. From CISO’s to penetration testers, defensive operations to information assurance, we cover all infosec roles.

Cyber Security Jobs


Data is at the heart of all businesses. How to mine, interpret and act on the mountains of data available is a key strategic goal. We handle all types of data jobs, with a bench of talented data specialists ready to go.

Data Jobs


The digital revolution is creating strong demand for roles that support the digital transformation journey and process. From Product to Cloud, Agile Delivery to DevOps, our digital talent network is extensive and experienced.

Digital Jobs

Electronics Engineering

Our major markets in electronics engineering include aerospace, automotive, internet of things, semi-conductors, consumer electronics, defence and medical devices. Most of our roles in this area are based in Europe and the USA.

Electronics Engineering Jobs

HR Transformation

Our dedicated HR Transformation experts can support your company right from the early stages of an HR System implementation / Optimisation. Our main expertise is within Workday, Success factors & Oracle HCM Cloud with over 10 years industry experience across the UK and Europe.

HR Transformation


The basic facilities and systems of an organisation / set up. Software, hardware, data-centres, cloud – how your infrastructure is planned, set up and managed is crucial. It’s the foundations on which your business operates. We can support all models, putting your infrastructure in safe hands.

Infrastructure Jobs

Project/Programme management

Successful programmes enable transformational changes for or within an organisation. Essential to any change management programme, we can support the entire business change project lifecycle with complete teams, from the most Senior Programme Managers to Business Analysts.

Project/Programme Management Jobs

Software Development

Finding talented software developers and engineers working across common and niche languages is our sweet spot. We’re always keen to expand our network, whether you work in Java, C++, C#, Python and Scala.

Software Development Jobs

Autonomous Vehicles & Electric Vehicles

Driverless cars, combine sensors and software to control, navigate, and drive the vehicle. AV & EV sectors we work with are Land, Sea and Air supplying the top 10% of talent to a wide range of business including stealth start-ups to legacy contributors to the sector.

Autonomous Vehicles & Electric Transportation Jobs