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Breaking into The AI Industry… What Are They Looking For?

As we know AI is a fast-growing industry. An idea that was a fantasy not so many years ago is now set to become one of the pillars of the tech industry as a whole! Automation, robotics and highly sophisticated software development make up the bulk of the current AI landscape; it is exciting, creative, lucrative and ever-expanding area, so it is no wonder that many tech professionals are eager to get involved.

But that just it, isn’t it? How do you get your foot in the door? What does the industry want from it’s new talent?

Educationally Speaking…

First of all, lets look at what employers are generally looking for ‘on paper’. Of course, specific roles will require specific qualifications, but there are many areas of education in which high proficiency must have been obtained in order to be attractive for the majority of AI roles…

  • High mathematical proficiency, including algorithms, statistics, algebra, calculus and logic.
  • Graphical modelling.
  • A solid foundation in physics.
  • Experience in either engineering or robotics.
  • Programming, coding and computer science proficiency.

Of course, you do not need to have all of these under your belt for every job (especially for entry level roles), but most AI jobs will require a combination of the disciplines above.

Your Skills, Abilities and Traits…

There are no set rules as to what makes a successful AI professional. However, there are a few characteristics that seem to pop up time and time again. If you have any of the following tendencies, you might find yourself to be perfectly suited to a productive career in AI!

  • Analytical Thought: Clear and logical thinking is essential to AI development. This is an ever-changing industry, and requires quick, logical and effective decision making.
  • Communication: This is probably one of the most important skills for an AI professional. The concepts, problems and solutions surrounding this industry are often extremely complex, and it is essential that these can be translated. Highly technical language and niche referencing will only translate ideas to a small number of people, you must be able to boil down complicated concepts into simple, digestible terms.
  • Foresight: It is important to have a handle on what may happen in the future. AI is constantly moving into the unknown and being connected enough with the world to reasonably predict what the upcoming landscape is a very desirable attribute.

The AI industry is extremely rewarding. Like many industries, once you are in the door, your experience and knowledge will naturally accumulate with every project you get involved with. The first job is the toughest to acquire. Be vigilant!

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