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We will continue to deliver our SGI services to the high standards you would expect of us. We have adapted our way of working and have robust and flexible plans in place so we can continue to support you during this uncertain and difficult time.

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Winter is Coming…

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the well awaited arrival of Game of Thrones leapt on our screens, 17.4 million viewers are avid fans of the cultural phenomenon. Simply put, Games of Thrones is indefinitely a cultural marvel that has flounced through the world like wildfire… So, whilst our minds are yet again enthralled by the battles of House Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, fighting to control Westeros. Let’s see what the action packed, gripping fantasy series can bring to the world of recruitment.

Use the tools around you (keep track):

Let’s get ourselves into the GOT mindset… we’ve had to wait for 7 seasons… as viewers we’re emotionally drained, exhausted, but asphyxiated with what is still to come. Season 7 brings us, a new King of the North, Jon Snow. Snow is the best man for the job, now, we wouldn’t be wary of this claim and the legitimacy if not for recordkeeping. If you have access to candidate tracking systems, use them, use the tools around you. Track your candidate’s journeys throughout the recruitment process, think about reengaging with referrals, start up conversations with those who have declined offers or accepted elsewhere.  Circumstances do change, and as we’ve recognized in GOT, the right candidate could be right in front of you.

Develop Strong Employer Branding:

Night’s Watch, a military order over 8000 years old, and holds and guards the ‘Wall’. The Night’s Watch is organized into three departments: The Rangers, The Builders, and the Stewards. Originally the Watch was highly regarded and a good number of people volunteered to join. Now, unfortunately under the watch of Robert Baratheon, the ‘Wall’ was ignored and the Night’s Watch lost the strength of it’s brand. The Night’s Watch is now filled by criminals, with no other place to go. The moral of the story…? Always focus on your employer brand, by building the quality of your brand you will attract quality, whether that be in your recruiters or in your candidates.

Knowledge is Power:

Peter Baelish and Varys, undoubtfully untrustworthy and at times somewhat despicable, but there is no doubt in their knowledge, knowledge has brought both characters impressive power. Rising from modest origins all the way to the small council by making connections across the Seven Kingdoms. It is their knowledge that has earned them their respect and their position in leadership. Knowledge in your industry, creates and builds an element of respect and trust for your audience. What are you sharing on your external facing platforms such as LinkedIn, are you distributing your knowledge effectively to your audience?

Always have your head in the game:

Jon and Daenerys are the Beckhams of GOT, but even couple royalty can start off wary of one another… Jon receives glowing endorsement of Daenerys from Missandei – ‘She is the Queen we chose’. This makes up Jon’s mind and he is smitten by the Mother of Dragons. This sounds a little bit like employer brand. Looking for new recruits? Think about how you’re communicating about your company, work-life balance, benefits, employee satisfaction. Surely this positivity and focus will create great results… when the ideal candidate is next looking for a role.. you’ll be top of their list..

Hopefully your recruitment journey is filled with half as much turmoil and chaos as Game of Thrones, but hey, the world of recruitment is certainly cut-throat. Perhaps follow the lead from GOT and you will sit atop your recruitment throne, without getting attacked by any swords. Think about your precious time, and your own mission, when will you release you own fire-breathing children and conquer?

At Source Technology we’re passionate about everything recruitment, and we’re on the look out for our next recruits who can fit the match for with skills, expertise, tenacity and passion to succeed. Got what it takes? Get in touch :



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