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The importance of cloud technology in an ever evolving world

Gone are the days when companies needed vast rooms to house all their local servers; the introduction of cloud computing has irrevocably changed the face of technology for good.

The cloud has become such an integral part of technology at every level, so much so that it’s not always evident when it’s being used. It’s been adopted into mainstream use far quicker than many other new types of technology, both domestically and in business. From smartphones to computers and even domestic appliances, cloud technology is now an essential part of everyday life.

Here’s a closer look at some of the reasons why the cloud is so important.

Improved Security

In the past, the idea of storing sensitive information remotely would have been enough to give any IT security team the chills, but that’s not the case any longer. Cloud technology has better security than local services, and there’s no risk of losing critical data.

With cloud technology, you don’t need to worry about a computer meltdown, or the failure of servers. Many cloud providers backup information to separate and remote servers, giving you even more reassurance.

It’s not just about loss of data though. The cloud is far more secure than any kind of local server. Carrying out more checks as standard, sensitive information is locked up tightly with practically no chance of a breach.

Real-Time File Sharing

If you’ve ever been caught in an endless loop with multiple departments needing to agree on a document but never managing to finalise the edits, you’ll appreciate why this is so vital. The cloud allows multiple users to share documents in real-time which allows remote collaboration on projects. Accessible from anywhere in the world, cloud provides the ability to work together rather than being forced to constantly circulate documents from one person to the next.

The ease of access is useful when you need urgent access. Whether there’s been a sudden development on a project or you forgot to add something earlier in the day, cloud technology means you don’t have to return to the office to carry out the work.


Technology is one of the biggest expenses for many companies but cloud computing, despite being superior, actually saves money. With the servers in the cloud, you don’t need to maintain a critical local server nor pay for a tech support team when things go wrong.

Cloud solutions are also easily scalable so you won’t need to pay out for a large capacity that you don’t need, nor get caught short when demand increases. With the cloud, you can easily upgrade if you’re with the right provider, giving your business flexibility at the most economical price.

If all of those financial benefits weren’t enough, there’s the fact that cloud computing makes it easy to get set up. Start-up costs can be hefty for a new business, and in some cases may be prohibitive. With cloud computing, all you need to pay for is the ongoing storage, freeing up capital at a crucial stage.


During a period where attention is on the wellbeing of the planet, any measure which protects the environment has to be seen as positive. Cloud technology helps to protect the planet by reducing the carbon footprint.

The cloud requires far fewer physical servers, and it allows companies to completely get rid of energy-hungry data centres. Compared to traditional solutions, experts calculate the cloud is approximately 79-93% more energy-efficient.

Of course, that doesn’t even take into account the other eco-savings, such as fewer documents to print and less need to travel around to physically share information.

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