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The CV… we all have one. As candidates in the job market, the CV is our key to the next step in the interview process. Sadly, the unfortunate truth, is that the market is a constant battle to produce a CV that will make you stand above the rest. A well tailored CV is your first chance to make a good impression and stand out from the crowd when applying for a new position.

In most cases your CV should include:

Up to date contact information
Personal statement or profile
Work experience – including relevant skills and achievements
Education & Qualifications

Is there a line to say you’re taking your CV on step too far, or is a unique CV the key to success? What should you include in a great CV? Casper takes us through his thoughts on the ideal CV in tech recruitment…

1. Don’t lie or make up anything you didn’t do – the truth and your personal achievements are your greatest unique selling point.
2. Have a Tech Stack list where the technologies you want to work with are listed – you’ve chosen this career so let’s use the CV to highlight this.
3. List key achievements/milestones that you have achieved… don’t just list your day to day, use the CV for your best achievements!
4. Ditch the cliches. Everyone will assume you are a “trustworthy, hard-working”, “good team player” and “punctual”, without needing to read it on your CV. Save the space for something more original, more you!
5. Show your personality, but bear in mind that your CV should be predominantly focused on your practical skills, so do include hobbies and relevant interests/skills, but keep to a minimum.
6. Think about functional versus quirky formats, and make the informed decision.
7. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes! If you were reading this CV, would you get the context? What would you like to know about you?

Did you know 43% of hiring managers said they spend less than 60 seconds looking at a CV.  You’ve got 60 seconds to make that lasting impression. Make sure your CV stands above the rest, make it a little irresistible.

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By: Casper Hogh

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