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The Benefits of Being a Full Stack Developer

In this digital era that has crept into every aspect of modern life, those who know how to make sense of what we see on our screens and what goes on behind the curtains are invaluable. Individuals who know how to code cleanly and overcome challenges in development are in high demand by employers, and are integral parts of many modern companies on a full-time or ad hoc basis.

What does a full stack developer actually do?

One of the major advantages you can give yourself in this sphere is being a full stack developer. But what does a full stack developer actually do? Among other things, a full stack developer needs to be someone who has full control of a websites design, from the great-looking front end to the backend architecture which makes everything tick. They need to know aspects of development such as HTML and CSS coding as well as JavaScript.

A number of backend languages are also required to make the processes behind the scenes work including SQL, Python, PHP and C++. You can choose one to become proficient in, but having familiarity with a few will make you a much more desired asset for any business. You should also have a good deal of knowledge about the security aspects of sites in this age of hacking and data breaches, by understanding how HTTPS is an essential.

Some sites will require bespoke databases and web storage solutions, and it will be down to you to keep them running efficiently, alongside the full architecture a site needs to function.

Top benefits of a full stack developer

Once you have accumulated many of the above, it’s time to put your skills to use with your employer who will be looking for either a specific or general skillset that will benefit their business. Being full stack, as opposed to only being able to design the front end of websites, brings you instantly more credibility and usefulness to an employer. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of being full stack.

  • Multiple skillsets covered. Having knowledge of both front end and back end systems as well as various programming languages sets you up to take on almost any job.
  • Choice of working environments. If you are able to work on a variety of projects, businesses large and small, local and international, will be able to offer you employment.
  • Be part of the future. With so many talents under your belt, being full stack means you can be brought onto large-scale interesting projects many others wouldn’t be considered for.
  • Better paid work. Let’s face it, if you have a host of skills and can easily adapt to new situations and new challenges that present themselves, you qualify for higher wages.
  • Ability to lead. With the experience you have as a full stack developer, you can translate this into leadership potential and take charge of a full team of developers.
  • More cost-effective. To an employer, as a full stack expert you are going to be giving them all of your experience that may ordinarily take two or three people to complete a task.
  • Fast delivery. You know your way around the back and front ends of a website, and know how to integrate databases, so you don’t need to spend time figuring out simple issues.
  • Easy maintenance. Employers will value the fact you know how to maintain a website properly and arrange for suitable updates, giving their users a better experience.

As you can see, being full stack gives you a substantial advantage over others when it comes to finding a career in technology. Not only will employers see the potential you can bring to their business, but you also will be much better armed to handle any development issues that come your way. The benefits of being full stack mean that you will have much greater choice over your career, and give your voice more authority in whichever position you take on.

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