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Over the past few years, the technology sector has been in flux, with a constant string of new developments, adaptations and innovations that have led to a host of new roles appearing in the job marketplace. One such role is that of the Microsoft Azure developer.

The Azure cloud platform allows the hosting of existing applications, as well as the streamlining of new application developments. By integrating all of the essential cloud services required to test, deploy, develop and test applications, it allows companies to launch and scale applications to suit customer demand, all with the reliability that is necessary to achieve high ability applications. Those who are able to harness the power of this platform are in high demand amongst companies all over the country, and if you’re looking for the most lucrative Microsoft Azure developer jobs in your area, you may be looking for a more convenient and speedy way to gain access to the top roles.

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Here at Source Technology, we’re proud to be specialists in the technology recruitment sector. Unlike many other recruitment agencies that spread their net widely across a number of industries, we focus solely on finding suitable candidates to fill technology vacancies with a broad spectrum of partner companies who rely on us for all their recruitment needs. When you need a faster and easier way to find the right technology job for you, our dedicated team of specialist recruitment consultants are on hand to assist. With years of experience in the field, we’re in the best place to help you to gain access to the best jobs in your area and to match you with a company and a post that is the perfect fit.

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Whether you’re a newly qualified technology professional who wants to enter this exciting new field at an entry level or whether you’re already an experienced developer who wants a new challenge, our team of recruitment consultants are excited about helping you to find your next demanding role. Give us a call now or send us your CV via email and we can get to work, finding out as much as possible about you and your requirements so that we can help place you in the ideal job for you.