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Autonomous Driving Developer Jobs

There was a time when the idea of autonomous (or self-driving) vehicles were seen as nothing but a sci-fi pipe dream. Times have changed and we are now living in a period of human history where autonomous vehicles are already available in their various forms. This has put greater pressure on companies and firms operating in the autonomous vehicles market to make more autonomous driving developer jobs available.

With the increase in demand for varying degrees of expertise and skills when it comes to the technology and engineering involved in the design and manufacture of these vehicles, comes the increase in the competitiveness.

It can be hard to land those potentially lucrative and exciting autonomous driving developer job opportunities, without a helping hand from a team of recruitment consultants who have the necessary appreciation and understanding of the industry. That’s what you get, and a whole lot more, when you choose Source Technology.

We have been operating as a specialist recruitment consultancy firm since 2015 when we were established by Gavin Tew and Lawrence Hargreaves, who are serial recruitment entrepreneurs and industry stalwarts. Between them they have more than 20 years and counting worth of experience and have always had a people-first attitude.

That’s where we feel our agency is different. We are not interested in filling the highest number of autonomous driving developer jobs we can in a certain period, we are more concerned with finding the right candidates for the right roles with the right companies.

If anyone in the recruitment process is not happy, even after a candidate has been given a job placement, we are not happy and would not consider it a success.

That’s why, if you choose to use and contact us to find your next autonomous vehicles jobs, we take the application process very seriously. As well as assessing your academic performance and work experience up until this point, we will also be keen to learn more about you as an individual. This can help us to show you in the best light when we put you in front of prospective employers.

Contacting us is simple, as you can either drop us an email, give us a call or simply upload your CV if you have a limited amount of time. Towards the bottom of this page you will also find a list of the autonomous driving developer jobs currently available on our job boards. You are welcome to apply to any you feel suit you.

So, rather than trying to navigate the complex and competitive world of autonomous vehicles yourself, let us guide you towards that bright and thrilling new career.