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ShellCon 2019

Last week representative from our LA team attended Cyber Security event ShellCon in San Pedro, LA. ShellCon is an information security conference that is held annually in Los Angeles. The yearly conference is a growing event that is focused on creating an atmosphere of open communication, collaboration, and connection.

SGI LA were sponsors for the event and conference and John and Jordan attended from the team. John was invited as a member of the interview panel, answering question about trends in the Cyber Security market as well as giving career, resume and interview advice.

2019 is the most security conscious year yet, the general public are more security aware and enterprise is investing more in defense and research. This year, we’ve seen smart Cities and IoT bringing advances in our daily lives, from environmentally friendly smart water meters to biomedical technology. Security awareness and testing measures have seen reactive change and devleopment, as these technologies advance.

A great event, great to meet all attendees and other fellow panelists.


By: John Hickles

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