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Do you have ambitions of being a technology developer in one of Europe’s most interesting capitals? Does the opportunity to work in one of the many technology jobs in Sweden appeal to you? Do you have the right mixture of skills, experience and talent to excel in a workplace dedicated to your chosen technology sector?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions then Source Technology is here for you to give you the much needed boost on your career journey. We’ve already helped hundreds of clients find the right applicants for their jobs, and our bespoke matching service always ensures long-lasting opportunities.

What kind of technology jobs in Sweden are there?

With such a wide range of jobs on offer, Sweden is the perfect place to advance your career whatever your skillset is. We can help you to find jobs in fields as diverse as robotics and artificial intelligence as well as machine learning. This is one of the most novel choices available today and is rapidly developing. You can find a job that requires you to employ your talents on algorithms to enhance AI systems, and also create programs that pair hardware and software for superior robotics development.

Software development is undoubtedly one of the most useful career paths in our modern digital world. Whether you are capable of building a website, developing an app or simply creating flexible software solutions for companies, your skills in this area will always be in demand. Jobs in this sector usually require you to work in partnership with other team members for successful collaboration on a wide variety of projects, and proficiency in languages like C# and Python are required.

The Cloud is also another area where you can find technology jobs in Sweden that suit your skills. Many companies have in recent years discovered the potential of cloud based technologies and now are integral parts of the services on offer. As a cloud technology developer you’ll be responsible for digitising business models of all kinds and making them accessible to both sets of users.

How can Source Technology help?

There’s nobody in the industry quite like us, and when you choose to partner with us for your next technology job in Sweden or anywhere else in the world, you’ll instantly benefit from our years of experience. We know the best jobs that are suited to you, and will work on your behalf to make your dream job a reality.