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Project & Programme Management Jobs and Recruitment

Are you a natural leader? Do you have management skills? Perhaps you have worked for a long time in the technology department of a company or organisation and wish to climb the career ladder. At Source Technology, we can help you to achieve your goals and are always advertising on behalf of clients offering Project and Programme Management Jobs.

Depending on your drive, motivation and experience, you may be interested in a program management role, if you are interested in running a number of different projects and programs at the same time. Whereas, if you have limited experience, you may be keener to stick to leading a single project in a managerial position.

Source Technology is well-positioned to help you. Although we have only been in business since 2015, we have grown exponentially in size and now have 45 recruiters working for us with 300 clients in more than 15 countries across the world.

By far the most impressive and attractive thing about our Project and Programme Management Jobs recruitment services, we believe, though, is our people first motto.

We are not interested in achieving high quantities of successful placements in a single quarter or across the year. We believe that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to recruitment. Especially in the highly competitive world of Project and Programme Management Jobs.

That is why we don’t take the process of vetting candidates lightly. As well as assessing your academic qualifications and performance, your work experience and any specialist skills you may have, we are also looking to learn about you.

We want to learn what makes you tick, whether you are a good team player or not, how best you work and what your goals and aspirations are. All these things can help us to help you stand out from the long line of candidates that you will be potentially going up against for the same Project and Programme Management Jobs.

You may have all the same qualifications and very similar experience, but if your personality is likely to gel better with the employer’s than those other candidates, you are in a stronger position.

To get the benefit of our vast experience and expertise, you need to take that first step and contact us. We have made it easy. You can use the Upload CV option to the bottom of the page if you are stuck for time. However, if you want to speak to someone more directly, you can contact us via email or telephone.

Whichever method you use, we will be in contact as soon as possible to discuss your next move!