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Data Jobs and Recruitment
Modern businesses, especially those who use technology in their operations, rely on data in a lot of different ways. Whether it’s the data they hold about their workforce, their customers or products, it is part of their lifeblood. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that there is a need for data specialists to fill data jobs.

Are you an expert in the storage and use of data? Even if you are not experienced specifically with data, are you computer-literate and looking for a career in technology? At Source Technology, we may be able to help you find your next data and analytics jobs.

Although we only started operating under this name in 2015, in that time we have grown from just a few consultants to a large consultancy firm of 45, with offices in Switzerland, Amsterdam, and the United States alongside our headquarters here in the UK. We have firmly established ourselves and have a glowing reputation for getting results.

The more than 300 clients we work with often repeatedly use our services because they know we are one of the best recruiters in the business. It’s largely thanks to our people-first approach to the business.

While other agencies are concerned with meeting lofty targets, we are interested in ensuring that all individuals involved in the process are satisfied. Whether it’s our clients or the candidates, if either is not happy, then we have failed.

That is why our application and vetting process is a long and drawn out process that we avoid rushing. It all begins with a consultation with one of our team, where we will discuss with you your chosen career path, the special requirements you have and that employers may have and then finding available data and analytics jobs that match those requirements.

We provide advice and recommendations at every step of the way; from the applications you submit through to the interview process. You will have our full support until you are offered a work placement. Even then, we will still stay in contact and monitor your progress.

If that sounds like the kind of team you want working as your advocate, then get in contact with us right away.

You can do that in some very simple ways by emailing, telephoning or uploading your CV directly using the option at the bottom of the page. You can also take a look at the data and analytics jobs currently on our job boards and apply for any you think suit your skills and experience.