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We will continue to deliver our SGI services to the high standards you would expect of us. We have adapted our way of working and have robust and flexible plans in place so we can continue to support you during this uncertain and difficult time.

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Source Technology Remote Working Survival Kit

In light of the current global situation working from home and remote working is becoming imminent, and the need to adapt our working methods is crucial.

Technology advancements mean you can function more independently, extricate yourself from office politics and be more productive thanks to the lack of distractions.

But working remotely is sometimes seen to have one great drawback – you aren’t as visible to your colleagues and managers. And to effectively work from home you should consider how you can maintain your visibility and connection with your team and manager.

We have prepared some ideas on how you can effectively work from home without losing your connection with your team, wider department and the organization as a whole:

Make yourself seen (digitally)

If you ever need to interact with office-based colleagues, try a video call instead of communicating over the phone or via email. This will help people gain visibility of you (literally) while working remotely. With the rise of video conferencing systems, such as Skype, you are now able to remain present and engaged with your colleagues and it will allow you to pick up on non-verbal cues that may otherwise have been missed.

Take part in company-wide initiatives

Put yourself forward to be involved in projects that require interaction with your colleagues. If you are leading a new project it will allow you to engage and liaise with colleagues. Find a project or initiative to interact with people you might not normally get to speak to, this allows you to remind everybody that you are working (whilst doing so remotely). And, it also means you’ll be foremost in your mangers mind next time they need to get a willing and helpful person on board with a particular project or initiative.

Use the communication tools to message your colleagues

Many conversations that take place in a working environment aren’t actually about work, but the day-to-day discussions that go on are valuable as it helps build a rapport between colleagues. In a collaborative work environment, many conversations take place over instant messenger and email programs. So if you are working remotely don’t be afraid to use messenger programs to help maintain your relationships with colleagues. This will help ensure you’re an active participant in what goes on within your team and organisation as much as anyone else.

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Communicate when and where you working

It’s important to communicate with your team and the business when you are working remotely. It gives people an idea of when you will be physically visible in the office and when they will have to prioritize emailing and calling you. Start getting into a habit of letting your team know which days you will work remotely at the beginning of the week. 

Set clear expectations

When it comes to the quality of your work and expected deliverables there should be no difference between the work you perform remotely or when you’re present in the office. Set clear expectations with the colleagues and stakeholders. Think about key areas such as client service, deadlines, office hours, and response times for emails and phone calls when you are remote working or working from home.

Have regular meetings

If you’re working remotely, make sure you have regular catch-ups with your direct manager and colleagues. This will help you effectively work with your team while you are remote or working from home. Having regular meetings about what’s happening within your team will help improve workflow and communication.  It also gives you a chance to talk about your successes or issues that impact everyone. With people increasingly working remotely it is important to keep in touch and ensure everyone is on the same page.

The Source Technology consultants are hand for more advice surrounding remote working and the support you need. Get in touch today:

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