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How Long Will Working from Home Carry on for Post-Covid-19?

So many employers have been forced to issue work from home instructions to their teams because of the pandemic. While it has been largely successful, we are left wondering just how long working from home will be an acceptable form of employment for firms all over the world?

The Post-Covid Era

As with any global crisis, the post-Covid era is set to be an interesting place with people slowly creating the ‘new normal’ that we’ve all been thinking about. Remote working has been one of the biggest changes that we have encountered, and companies have had to quickly move their operations to deal with the pandemic in a way that would not have been considered possible before. However, where digital technologies have now been used to fill the gaps, it is clear to see that working from home does not need to damage the productivity of a company.

Big Companies Are Leading the Way

One way to work out how businesses will adapt is to look at the big-name brands and see what they are doing. Google, Apple and Microsoft are just some of the employers that are now stating that working from home is a real possibility for their teams as time moves forward. Microsoft has gone one step further by saying that anyone can work from home for less than 50% of their scheduled time without seeking HR approval and that anyone can apply to work from home for more than 50% of the time and have their case objectively considered.

Technology is Evolving Rapidly

Another important point to consider when thinking about the longevity of working from home is the volume of cash that has been pumped into developing new technologies over the last year. Many providers have added to their portfolio of available options, and tech companies have been providing a steady stream of solutions for businesses who are working remotely. The reality of all this work is that is will not and cannot go away as time moves forward.

The Threat of New Pandemics is Very Real

One of the biggest reasons that we think working from home will not disappear is that society is now more aware of the risk that is posed with pandemics. Covid was, for many people, a complete shock, but future pandemics will not be, and people want to feel that they are safe when they are at work. By continuing to use remote working, there is less risk of transmission that results in an entire workforce needing to take time off. Not only is this a good reason to continue working from home from an HR perspective, but it also makes for good business acumen too.

WFH May Evolve But it Won’t Go Away

Our considered opinion is that working from home is not going anywhere and that many companies are now seeing it as an opportunity to redesign their business model to increase productivity, profit and staff happiness. However, the likelihood that we will continue working from home in the way we currently are is virtually impossible. Businesses need time to reflect on what has worked well, what hasn’t and what new technologies they need to be able to turn it into a long term solution.

We think that when you consider remote working, we are just at the start of what can be achieved when businesses are forced to think outside of the box. This may be the shakeup that we all needed to be able to unlock new ways of working that benefits everyone more than ever before.

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