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The Effect of Autonomous Vehicles: What Will Change?

Driverless (autonomous) vehicles are coming! For some time they have seemed like a thing of the distant future, but now it is 2019, and all signs point to the very real possibility that their mainstream integration is just around the corner. Although manual vehicles are still likely to be around for a while yet, it is predicted that AV technology will become very present within the next decade. This is likely to have many impacts on the way that our world operates… lets take a look at some of the most prominent predictions.


  1. Insurance

Currently, car insurance is primarily based on the risk implied by the human operating the vehicle. Of course, with AV’s, the human element is eradicated. This means a number of things… first of all, if current insurance companies are to continue prospering, a complete rework of how they calculate insurance will be required. With this in mind, many predict that a shift over to insuring manufacturers against liability for technical faults is likely.


  1. Collision Reduction

The idea of AV technology is largely being sold on its safety benefits. Again, the human error element no longer applies here, and considering that the majority of road traffic collisions occur as a result of driver fault, a significant fall in fatalities is predicted.


  1. Traffic

Traffic jams are set to be a thing of the past if AV’s become the dominant mode of ‘on-road’ transportation. An automated system is likely to improve traffic flow significantly, meaning that commutes are likely to be much less painstaking. Add to this they fact that drivers no longer need to actually drive and can use the time productively… you have a much more worthwhile commute on your hands!


  1. An Affected Economy

It is no surprise that the rise of popularity in AV’s will change the landscape of our economy. It is predicted that within the next 20-year, automated vehicles will make up 25% of the new car market. Also consider how many humans drive for work; bus drivers, taxi drivers, train drivers. It is not outside the realm of possibility that these roles could be replaced by AV’s and rendered obsolete within the next two decades!


Technology is a wonderful thing, but it always comes with a portion of change. How else do you think this automotive advance will alter the world around us? Find out more about Source Technology roles and our autonomous jobs, here.



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