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Addressing The Pay Gap In Technology

Addressing the pay gap in technology has become one of the most important issues to face the industry today. It’s a shocking fact that women have to work 3 months extra in order to earn the same amount that men in the sector earn in a year.

Despite the fact that the technology sector is forward-looking and innovative in other areas, it still suffers from the gender pay gap. In certain organisations, the differences between male and female pay for the same position is surprisingly large. Yet it goes without saying that if two individuals are carrying out identical work, there should be absolutely no difference in their salaries regardless of their genders.

The Importance Of Women In The Workplace

A number of studies out there have revealed that the more female employees are in the technology sector, the more innovative that organisation can be and the more productive it is. This means that higher revenue and profits become possible. With this in mind, it’s clear that organisations that fail to address parity in pay suffer negative impacts.

It’s also clear that workers themselves are actively seeking out companies that pay equal amounts to male and female employees, and turn down offers of work from those organisations that fail to make the grade. This means that those companies are losing out potentially on the top talent.

How Can The Gap Be Closed?

Unfortunately, since it has taken many generations to create the pay gap, it isn’t something which can be solved immediately. However, organisations are beginning to realise they have to take action. The companies that are making changes are starting with their recruitment processes, eliminating any language which may deter female candidates and keeping their salary ranges very tight to limit inequality.

Elevating Female Leaders

While looking at addressing the gender pay gap, it’s also important to look at how women are promoted within the workplace. All too often in the technology sector organisations are led by white males. Addressing gender diversity from the top down is, therefore, imperative.

Elevating female employees within the organisation and paving the way for more female leaders is becoming the way forward, with some companies now establishing mentoring programmes designed for women in the technology sector that give career guidance, support, sponsorship and feedback.

Key Pointers For Tech Businesses

In order to tackle the gender pay gap in the technology sector, as well as the root causes of this pay inequity, it’s vital for tech businesses to strengthen their engagement with policymakers and educators. Companies must especially take a stronger role in reducing the differences in skills which women develop and gain.

It is therefore recommended that businesses start providing policymakers and educators alike with a practical insight into tech careers and prove increased support for female employees who are returning to the workplace after taking a career break. They should also be transparent about their employee pay scales, publishing detail information about any gender pay gaps which exist within their organisations. It is only be highlighting such issues that they can be addressed and overcome in the long run.

Unfortunately, it appears from current statistics and projects that in the UK the gender pay gap in the technology sector will not be closed until at least 2069. This is certainly not soon enough for today’s female workforce.

Hopefully, if more companies take action to eliminate this problem, women will be more attracted to the technology sector and will be able to help organisations within the field progress and advance by harnessing their skills and abilities for their benefit.

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