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5 Positive Ways the Workforce will Change after Covid-19

Covid-19 has had an unprecedented effect on industries, economies, and people around the world. However, every crisis and major incident reveals insights that can inform creativity, ideas, and new solutions to long-established problems. In the words of leader from a global consultancy. “Rather than waiting for re-entry and being reactive, leaders need to prepare, setting expectations for the ways of working that will benefit the organization down the road.”

A topic widely discussed across social media is what shape will the recovery take? What can we expect to see? A recent blog post from Imf blog suggests this is the worst economic downturn since the great depression.

Surely, there will be some positive to arise from the greatest lockdown. What will the long-term impacts of our new normal be on the world of work?

1. More work-life balance

More than ever companies are starting to understand that working 9 to 5, isn’t suited to the demands of the modern workplace. Leaders will need to adapt and appreciate a greater emphasis on flexibility for people to accomplish their best work—when and how it meets their personal needs alongside the requirements of the company. Leaders can reinforce the cultural shift of measuring staff based on performance, which can result in exponential benefits for the organization.

2. More Skilled Workers

We’re adapting to a new way of working, and with this adaptation comes new skills. Employees who have been dropped in at the deep end will possess a brand-new set of skills. Individuals across functions and levels will have experience of problem-solving, decision-making, and fast innovation.  We’ll have improved our communication skills, believe it or not. Being unable to communicate with someone face to face will have developed our writing skills, and of course, the introduction of video will have developed our physical communication by means of body language and expression.

3. Increased trust and empathy

In a recent leadership study of Fortune 500 executives and entrepreneurs, respondents cited behaviours such as humility and listening skills as essential qualities of great change leaders. In the current climate, leaders and employees must learn to understand and listen to one another more than ever before.

People are sharing more about their personal situations with colleagues, and as a result, they are creating an expectation of humanity, active listening, support, and connection.

Leaders need to demonstrate these qualities to gain trust from their employees moving forward. Leaders who seize this mindset now will be better prepared to engage employees for the long term, regardless of the external environment.

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4. Harnessing Technology

With working from home, we’ve also seen the rise in the use and reliance on technologies and communication tools. Tools such as Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, project management and organisation platforms such as Slack and Monday.com, and many other apps and software are becoming part of day-to-day life for former office workers. These tools enable teams to become more productive than ever.

The importance of emerging technologies will have been realised by millions of consumers in their own homes. With VR and AR escapisms popping up for entertainment whilst physical activities are closed during the global lockdown. Organizations can adapt their consumer offering by incorporating these technologies. Create an experience within your business offering that adapts to technologies.

5. The movement towards agile work

As teams become more separate with work, many will start to collaborate with others, with the assistance of technology and collaboration tools. The workforce could potentially evolve into a world of agile work, from operations to marketing and finance; the rigid teams’ structure will begin to dissolve as employees come together to problem solve across organisations.

At the moment, it may be tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel or hold a sense of positivity and optimism for the future, but every day counts and we’re all working together to improve yesterday’s struggles. The current crisis will eventually pass and a new normal will emerge—and there is plenty of reason to believe that the future will be bright, and we’ll come out stronger.

What changes have you experienced during the global lockdown?

Talk to the Source Technology Team about your hiring needs and your adaptations for your workforce following the new normal. We’re at hand to talk through your workforce adaptation strategy for success.


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