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4 Design Tips for The Front-End Developer

Front-end development is a job that is often misunderstood. As you will know, if it is a field that you are in, the skills of this role lie much more in coding and programming than it is in aesthetic design. Having said this, as a front-end developer, your sensitivity to visual design is important. Front-end development is all about translating design into the digital realm, yet many developers pay little attention to this side of their job.


This common lack of nurture for the design skillset in developers often impacts on the quality of their work. Working on understanding this part of front-end development can be the difference between a good developer and an excellent one. Here are a few design pointers that we hope will help you to excel…


  1. Don’t Mess with The Design

There is often a temptation to leave your mark on your work, to do something extra. This is not what the job requires. Your priority is to match the design you have been given, not to add to it. Designers spend a great deal of time perfecting composition; try to avoid the temptation to blemish their work by adding to it.


  1. Attention to Typography

Getting typography right takes a surprisingly long time. This is another thing that designers will spend a great deal of time on, so, when it comes to matching up to their checkmark, ensure that you spend ample time on getting this right.


  1. Less is More

If design is not your strong suit, then avoid adding stuff that you are not confident is going to work. The designer will have done the bulk of work for you in any case, your main goal should be clarity and function. Pour your expertise into making the whole thing work and trust the designers work hen it comes to making everything look right.


  1. What Do Other Professionals Think?

If you are not a natural designer, then it is hard to know if your work in this area is good. The only sure way to improve is by learning what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. If ever there is an opportunity to get feedback on your work, get it.


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