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10 Essential Embedded Software Engineer Interview Questions

If you’re a new entrant into the embedded software engineering field you may be nervous about attending your first interview. It can be a nerve wracking experience to try to secure your first position in the industry, but the good news is that we can offer you the expert insider knowledge that you need to ace it.

The Source Technology team are seasoned professionals with years of experience in the technology recruitment sector. With this in mind, we’re in the best position to help you to learn how to beat the competition and to snag the job of your dreams.

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Here are 10 essential embedded software engineer interview questions that you may well be asked on the big day.

1. Which programming languages are you able to use?

One of the top questions that will be asked in any interview will be about the programming languages that you’re familiar with. You may be asked which ones you prefer and which ones you’re most comfortable with using.

2. Tell us about your most recent project

This is an open ended question that allows you to showcase your skills. Tell the interviewer about everything you managed to achieve, and be precise about the ways in which you contributed to the project’s success, as well as about how any obstacles were handled effectively.

3. Tell us about a time that you were required to make a vital decision

One common question is about times when you needed to make critical decisions during production. You need to describe in detail what happened, and how you managed the decision making process, but remember to avoid rambling and to remain concise.

4. How could you explain API to a non-technical stakeholder?

This is a relatively simple question since it is focusing on your ability to express yourself and to communicate effectively. It also serves to show that you have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your field.

5. Can you solve this programming challenge?

This question can take several forms. It may be a short verbal question, or requiring a longer written response, depending on the form the interview takes.

6. Which key aspects must you pay most attention to if you’re reviewing code made by another member of your team?

This question assesses your knowledge, as well as your ability to work in collaboration with others.

7. Is unit testing essential in your opinion?

This is an important question and you need to consider the culture and ethos of the company in question when you’re giving your answer.

8. If you’ve worked on an agile software development process, what was your experience like?

This allows you to express yourself clearly while also demonstrating the depth and breadth of your experience in your field. Make sure to be detailed, but precise.

9. Are you familiar with OOP?

Questions about object-oriented programming often crop up on interviews, so you should be prepared to not only discuss how familiar you are with OOP, but also to showcase how you’ve used it in the past.

10. Can you explain big-O notation simply?

This allows you to again show off your knowledge while also demonstrating your ability to express yourself clearly.

If you need more advice about how to answer these 10 essential embedded software engineer interview questions contact the Source Technology team today. Our recruitment consultants are on hand to help you to secure your dream role.

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